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Selling Your House: Going Alone vs. Hiring an Agent

I’m selling my house, cue the inevitable headache. To sell my home, I need to weigh up whether to sell my house on my own, or acquire help from an estate agent. If you are looking to sell your home right now, you need to consider these two options as well. The upside of getting assistance is that you will have professionals on board who can take away the more technical burden of house selling. However, if you do sell your house online with best agents possible, you must be prepared for the real estate agent fees and real estate agent commission. You must also be ready to put in the leg work to correctly compare real estate agent fees and save.

What I need to do is weigh up my options on whether I should work with an estate agent or sell my property privately.

The Internet is Your Friend

Naturally, the first place I go hunting is online. The home selling process step by step methodology is tried and tested, but can be fraught with pitfalls when trying to sell without agents. I can sell my property now with tried and tested standardised stages of selling a house, but I still do not want to miss opportunities.

What I should look for

For tips for preparing a house for sale, it would be smart to look at the buyer’s point of view when looking to sell my home. I should be looking at people at the opposite end of the spectrum, those looking to buy a house just like mine. It could be a good idea to look at sites like Buy My Place. Buy My Place reviews are a great starting point to learn what buyers are looking for when I sell my place.

What if I want a bit of help?

All in all, I believe that selling my home will require help from the pros, as I doubt I can sell it all on my own. At the very least, the process of selling a house by owner or owners requires a reliable platform or ‘hub’ to make it easier to find. This platform needs to have a large database of house hunters somewhere on a ‘buy my house com au’ type site. Furthermore, on top of a site with a strong amount of data, my house needs to sell on a platform which is easy to use.

One name which may instantly spring to mind is realestate.com.au. To sell house privately on realestate com au, I will still manage to keep the lion’s share of control over the destiny of my home. A platform like realestate.com.au will also give me handy tips, blogs, and access to experts to teach me how to sell property fast, making it an approachable option to sell my house privately.

When you sell your own home real estate com au lets you remain in control. Furthermore, your home is sitting in front of a large database of prospective buyers who are not only looking to buy, but have filtered their search to find specific types of properties. My property is three bedrooms, has a balcony and a pool, not to mention a two-car garage. These specific details are vital when setting up my listing for those house hunters who own two cars, love reading under the sun, and adore a morning swim.

What’s in a title?

I need to stand out when I am trying to sell my house online. But how do I do this? The first thing people see when setting eyes on a house selling online are the pictures and the title — my house is no different. The pictures speak for themselves, but it’s with the title that you can get creative. I’ve put myself out there with my title, trying to be fun, attractive and encourage a bit of clickbait — my title is ‘buy my place nsw!’ Up to this point, this has worked for me, so why not see if it works for you. And remember, you can always change it!

If DIY selling is not for you

I have found that by being hands-on with selling my house, it has been an easier process than first presumed. However, I understand that not everybody has the time to commit to selling their own home alone. Heck, I’m even writing an article about it, so I must have the time, eh?

You have decided you need more heavy-handed support. First things first, fees. Remember that real estate agent rental fees Victoria has will be different to real estate agent fees NSW has. This means that when you want to use a real estate agent fees calculator, be sure to appropriate it to your correct state. Perhaps google search terms such as real estate agent fees Victoria, real estate agent commission Victoria, real estate commission QLD, or real estate commission calculator NSW to ensure your calculations are in line with your territory.

Do not forget that there are some real estate agencies with offices all over the country. These would have varying rules depending on which state they are servicing. A good example of this is Ray White real estate agent fees, which are different if you are focusing on its Brisbane and Sydney office, Melbourne office or Perth office.

What are these fees I speak of?

I do hope that the above search terms have not got you worried about all these various fees. There are fees, but these agent fees from real estate and commission fees from the real estate agent are supposed to reflect the service provided. The real estate agent fees for selling, and even real estate agent fees for rental properties, are heavily regulated by the ATO, and kept in line with fair trading.

Auditing by the ATO is a regular occurrence for real estate agents, something every real estate agent wants to obey! Naturally, this has forced real estate agents to hold off messing with their fees or risk taking shortcuts. So, rest assured that the real estate agent commission percentage you pay will be above board and in-line with its industry. These fees are a constant throughout the industry, ensuring every real estate agent stands in line. Though, this doesn’t mean you should not line agents up against one another and still compare.

However, it never hurts to do your research. Triple check the fee you are being charged just to be safe, no matter how reputable the real estate agent purports to be.

So, when it comes to my house, am I selling my own or getting help to do it?

My home needs to be an interesting sell, and it is the skill of a real estate agent to come on board and sell the best qualities of my house to the right market. If you are willing to skim a bit of money off the top, I advise hiring a professional to get over the line. But if you have the time and basic know-how, then why not have a go yourself. The worst thing that happens if your solo attempt is going badly, is that you can get a real estate agent on board later on. Good luck!